Affiliate marketing

One key element to any online strategy is developing affiliate programmes to help you sell your services or product. Affiliate programmes are an ideal, affordable way to increase your sales as well as to generate more income for your business.

Whether you develop affiliate programmes to sell your own product through others, generate income by selling the products of others through your web site, or use a combination of both, affiliate programmes are an excellent way to generate multiple streams of income from your web site.

What are affiliate programs

Affiliate programmes are advertising programmes under which the owner of one web site pays other webmasters to drive traffic to his or her web site. Usually, you only pay (or get paid) if a sale results from the referral.

Why use an affiliate programs

Using affiliate programmes is rather like employing an entire work force of commissions-only sales people to sell your product. It's an extension of word-of-mouth advertising, and a step up from simply placing paid adverts on someone else's web site. A good affiliate seller can generate hundreds of sales a week for your company by recommending your product to their web site's visitors.

Good affiliate programmes are designed to keep track of your affiliates and follow their referrals from the moment they click into your site until they leave, hopefully having made a purchase.


For £10.50 per month plus £75 set up fee, we will provide:

  • Latest Version of Affiliate Pro
  • Software hosted on Fast Servers
  • User access to files & DB
  • Email, Web, Phone Support
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