Content management systems

The content management system renders easier and rapid management of your website information, letting you create, edit, and publish the contents on a website, without any technical programming skill what-so-ever.
Keep your website upto date and add new content at your convenience making your website attractive to users and search engines.

Powered by XOOPS CMS

We use Xoops, one of the easiest to use content management systems. It's perfect for developing small or large community (interactive) websites, portals, blogs and more. (Find out more about Xoops)

We tap into technology that is constantly being developed, so what Evucan offers you is always evolving.

CMS Administration

With this system, you manage your own website. You are the all-powerful administrator, with functionality at your fingertips. You don’t have to be a geek because Evucan sets it up. You can do any of the following, and more:

  • Publish new content.
  • Approve content submitted by users.
  • Configure how you would like your website to display the data.
  • Control who sees what
  • Search your database of users by various criteria
  • Change the look of the entire web site with just a click of a mouse.
  • Enable users to edit their profiles

Benefits of a CMS website ?

  • A convenient way to update your own website?
  • Keep your site looking fresh and upto date. This can greatly increase traffic to your site as well as the interest of people.
  • Publish content to your website in a variety of ways (forums, blogs, etc can make your site look bigger, and lead to more visitor hits.
  • Keep in touch with your customers / visitors leading to repeat business.
  • Save money and time, update your own website instead of paying some one else.


Here is a list of some of the popular features available

  • News & Blogs- Create an unlimited count of news on your site. You can create all the articles you want and attach them to topics. With a very powerful permissions management, you can create groups authorized to submit articles and a group authorized to approve them and decide who can see what.
  • Forums / Bulletin boards- A powerful internet forum enabling discussion between users. Supports multimedia attachments, and unlimited topics.
  • Members directory- It enables visitors to search a site's registered members and provides a large number of options and filters for doing so.
  • Polls - The Polls module can be used to display interactive survey forms on your site. Each poll can display a question on which visitors can vote. This can be a valuable way to collect feedback from your community.
  • Articles - Present multi-page, multi-category professional documentation. Very powerful and excellent for adding new pages to a site.
  • Social networking - Create your own facebook! Very recommended for communities sites. It allows users to have a personal album of pictures, a personal album of videos from youtube, a list of friends, a public wall for messages(scraps) ,to create communities (tribes), to adjust configs to set who can see what.
  • Calendar events - Create an online calendar and easily manage and display events .
  • Gallery and e-cards - Creation/manage galleries and albums. User can create and manage own albums. Batch upload pictures. Send e-cards.
  • Music / Multi-media - Any kind of multimedia files can be displayed / played if an appropriate player is available. Supported by a powerful category and permission management system.
  • Quiz / Education - Popular and easy-to-use excercise authoring tool. You can create with no effort various types of exercises that are readily done on web browsers
  • Gaming Module for Clan Management. Features include: Features: Roster, Matches, Tactics, Availability, Positions, Maps, Lineups, Custom ranks, Availability stats, Screenshots
  • Classifieds - Classified advertisements module. Users can add, update, delete listings.


We can host your content management website from £10.50 per month.

We would like to build a clearer picture of your requirements, so please follow this link to fill in the online quote form and some one will be contact with you soon afterwards.

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