Over 20 years industry experience in Web development, User experience & Agile project management.  My objective is to help you take rewarding actions based on deep insights gained from your users.

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Information Architecture

A good information architecture will provide the foundation that will lead to a meaningful design and development for your project.  Methodologies  include, Content inventory, Content audit, Interpretation, & Classification. 

User research

UX research garners deep insights from the user that can lead to rewarding business and marketing decisions.  A variety of qualitative and quantitative methods can be utilised including Interviews, Contextual inquiries, Personas, Card sorting, and Usability testing.

Ideation & Interpretation

Whether you are starting a new project or looking to improve and existing service/product, UX methodology can create deep and meaningful insights from data gleaned from your (target/) users.  Working with  project stakeholders and key team members can maximise the benefits.

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