University College London (UCL)

The end goal was to ensure that the GDPR website was usable across the diverse group of users.

The first part of the project required understanding of the problem, this came from Data analysis (google), User interviews to discover pain points. Stakeholder interviews to understand the controversial problems the University faced top down.  

An information architecture was prototyped and tested using online remote tools to do card sorting and tree testing.

The final solution was implemented and tested again with Usability testing that lead to futther refinements.

Maasala home page


Project involved improving the user experience for the both the website and physical product.  The customer journey considered every touch point of the user from first impression on the website to receiving of the physical parcel.

Utilising many UX methodologies at each stage of the project. User interviews, UX competitor analysis at discovery stage. 

Persona creative and user journey mapping, workshop during the exploration stage.

Usability testing was employed post prototyping and supported by video recording and remote collaboration. 

Health Information For All

The objective was to clearly express the values and effrots of HIFA.

Stake holder interview, analysing data from google analytics, analysing user survey data lead to the insights to inform the design of the home page.

University of surrey

University of Surrey

Implementing the Information architecture following on from the first phase of UX testing.

Working closely with the researcher and UX designer to architect the underlying organisation of the information to cater for the many University sites and sub sites that were being imported from the old system.