Our Team

Satbir Thandi

Maa / Inspiration

It’s my honour and pleasure that this website is sharing my recipes and my culture with you.

Cooking has been my life, I realise it is how I can make people happy and I hope that I can help you to be happy. Above all I also hope it brings you good health – try not to use too much butter and use ghee instead when possible!

Arjun Thandi

Chief harmony maker

As a student of the martial art Aikido, I have come to look at life through the lens of its philosophy, to find harmony with chaotic forces.

With Maasala we seek to find harmony with our bodies with healing spices, herbs, and special blends. In business, we also seek to find harmony and service to the world.

Vilma Recchiuti

Harmonic designer (UX)

Maasala is the place where my studies and interest for the human body from a scientific perspective meet my natural attraction to spiritual and mindful matters.

My role as a creative and user-centered designer gives me the purpose to better translate our content and service in the best experience possible.


Story teller

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